Thursday, 7 March 2013

Stumbling Across the Truth

I wrote this almost a year ago now, and I pretty much forgot about it. I only just discovered it again recently. It seems appropriate for what I’m going through, and what I’m trying to do now.

I run
As fast and far as I can
Lungs screaming
Legs burning
Yawning darkness
Looming right behind me

I reach out
Cry for help
No one answers

I can’t stop
Can’t rest
Can’t catch my breath
Can’t find a way out

Then I hit a dead end
Nowhere else to go
No way to keep running

Stubbornly, I ignore
The darkness breathing down my neck
Focus on flights of fancy
On the universe in my head

But reality creeps in around the edges
And I can’t live forever
In non-existent worlds
So I steel myself
Gather all the strength I have left
Turn around
And face it all

The storm surrounds me
I can’t escape the
But I do not break
I do not fall

I hold on
To fireflies of hope
To sparks of love
And they keep me afloat

A light appears
Out of the darkness
Growing brighter
Revealing warm faces, reaching hands
All that time
I had never really been alone
I had been blind

Now I can finally see
What I had hidden from myself

That while I have been twisted and bent
I am still whole (not broken)
I am still here (not consumed)
I am strong enough
To make it through the storm

I can live.

© Kyrie Gray, 2012