Friday, 15 March 2013

First Step Towards Independence

So, today I finally did something that I’ve been putting off for a while: I got my learner’s licence.

It’s something most teens do – or at least most of the kids in my class did – as soon as possible after they turn fourteen. Me, not so much.

There are quite a few drivers out there who I’m astounded managed to get their licences considering the way they drive. These same drivers scare me. Although to be honest, the thought of doing the actual driving myself is scary enough on its own.

But being able to drive is a useful skill to have. I decided that I had stalled long enough (with a couple of helpful nudges from family). So I got the new Driver’s Handbook that was published this past December, and studied for a good week. Then I took the practice test on the AMA website a few times to make sure I was ready.

I was so nervous today, even though I knew that I was as prepared as I could be. I still freaked out a bit. And I still passed. And it was one of the best feelings in the world when I did.

Before my mom even knew I passed the test, in fact, while I was still writing it, she picked me up this ‘success’ pendent in the second-hand store. I love it! Thanks for having confidence in me mom.  :)

                         (Sorry about the quality of the photo; my phone's camera isn’t the best.  :\  )

Thanks to my brother as well, for having confidence in me (especially when I don’t), and for always encouraging me.

Now I just have to actually get in a car and start learning.