Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hidden Truths

I found this just recently in the newsletter from March 2009 on Pandys. The core message holds a truth that all survivors need to hear.
"Take a carrot for an example.
When you grate it, it's still a carrot. You can cook it, grate it, chop it, boil it, mash it. You can do what you want to it, but it never STOPS being a carrot and nothing in the world can stop it from being one. Yes, it's been changed, yes it's different now, and yes it was tasty before it was changed. But then again, it's still tasty after it was changed, no matter what you've done to it. Hell, you can even make carrot cake, and that is pretty damn tasty! NOTHING in the world can change who you are unless you let it. Hard times and strife... sometimes it just shows you who you really are, how versatile you are. If you had never cooked that carrot, you wouldn't know that it could taste like that; you'd think it would just have that one taste, but it doesn't. Strife, hard times, show us who we really are. It doesn't change you. All it does is show another side of you that you may not have seen before. We just need to see that.
Grate me, Chop me, Peal me, Boil me, or make me into a carrot cake; I am still going to be me, and NOTHING will ever change that." - Catt

I wrote this next bit for a writing contest that was hosted in the latest Pandys Newsletter.

The topic was "What would you like people to know about the impact of sexual assault?", and there was a word limit of 150 words.

"No one ever asks to be raped or sexually assaulted. No matter their ethinicity, culture, religion, or sexual orientation. No matter how they act or dress. But one of the worst things that keeps the victims - the surivivors - silent, is the fear of being blamed, of being found to have done something that invited being sexually assualted.  Being judged by people who have no clue how devastating such a horrific experience is. How it can shatter your world, make you lose your trust in the goodness of people. How you feel like a dark stain has blemished your soul, sharp and poisonous, and if anyone looks close enough, they'll be able to see it. How your voice is swallowed by the silence that lingers around the subject. Judged by people you have no idea how we discovered hidden reserves of strength within; that we have become stronger for having survived."